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Minggu, 06 November 2011

All about my adventure

Medan 6th november,2011

I write this statement,cause i must tell about myself.because i am a prude and it's too hard to tell it all to everybody who life at this world.
I am mychael, I was born definitely at Medan 19th October,92.

today i write this statetment, cause i still remember that i still student.there is so many thing that i must know.
especially,i must show to My Lord that i must follow all of His RULES. make other people happy cause my attitude,not make a lie and don't be a liar,keep calm,keep patience,give the best.
and also i must make my parents happy,proud of me. and make people glad because my attitude

but i still confuse cause i don't know that i must start it from where,
but i sure that i can finish it all

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