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Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

throw the christmast party without my parents, just alone with my mind

today it sunday,where every human being attend church party. the usually thing is just pray, sing and praise. praise The lord who create this earth. one thing that you must know . . .
you still alive until the christmas party come back again  and again. and you must grateful for all things that you have. if you have more,give to the poor. cause with you give you will get so much thing that you don't know.
one step with christmas, i just alone. alone at home, sing sometimes i jump up and down. with do it i can release my lonely.
my parents went to our home town at tarutung and dolok sanggul,medan north sumatera ,Indonesia.
my brother and sisters also went with them.

i don't mind if i just alone in christmas. tomorrow they will back with a thousand merry christmas . . . ahahaha LOL. . .

it's my think,think christmast celebrated with a thousand people,NO
christmas be great if you have received you self in Jesus Christ.

holy jolly christmas guys . . . ;)

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